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Kitty Corner Wooden Cat Puzzle

by Fred

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Nobody puts kitty in the corner... but you can try.

Purr-viding further evidence that cats are a liquid, our Kitty Corner Wooden Puzzle is a fantastic gift for the feline obsessed. As a matter of fact, we'd have to revoke their cat card, if they were to turn down a box of snuggly kitties. No kitten!

Don't let this puzzle deceive you. It requires as much attention and skill as giving a kitty belly rubs.

  • A paws-itively clever wooden puzzle.
  • 9 cat puzzle pieces (because, duh. cats have 9 lives)
  • Just corral the cozy kittens into the box to find their purr-fect fit!
  • It's as easy as herding cats!
  • Designed By Dan Savoie, Fred Studio

If these lounging kitties weren't different colors, it would be nearly impossible to make heads or tails of this puzzle! Lucky for you, there are 9 cats of alternating colors to help you on the quest to carefully arrange the pieces, without stirring them awake.

Each puzzle measures 6.75 x 6.75 x 5 inches and is constructed from laser-cut poplar plywood. Includes 9 cat puzzle pieces: 3 orange, 3 cream, 3 black. These are tough cats to herd, so Fred recommends this for ages 12 and up. Our Kitty Corner Wooden Puzzle is the purrfect gift for cat lovers.