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Mini Classical Statues for Plant Pots

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Decorate your temple gardens to appease the gods!

Bring the sophistication of the Louvre into your home with our Mini Classical Statues for Plant Pots! A must for lovers of ancient art and Greek Mythology, this set of cheeky plant decorations features four miniature versions of famous statues, designed to look like their marble counterparts.

  • Mini Classical Statues for Plant Pots
  • Set of four miniature versions of famous statues for your house plants
  • Venus de Milo - thought to be modeled after the Greek Goddess Aphrodite
  • Michelangelo's David - based on the biblical figure from the story of David and Goliath
  • Leonidas, King of Sparta - you may know him as the THIS IS SPARTA! guy from the movie 300.
  • Bearded Greek God - this may be Zeus, it may not be (it would have been rude to disturb him on his day off)

We offer not Apollo-gies for these scantily-clad miniature figures! Pick up an art history book, would ya? These minis plant decorations are a fun housewarming gift and a fun way to bring some class to the boardroom or classroom! A clever gift for the true Renaissance man.

Set of four. Each miniature sculpture measures approximately 3 inches high with a 1-inch stake for posting securely in your planter's soil. Our Mini Classical Statues for Plant Pots are a unique gift for plant lovers!