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Neato! Retro Balloon Helicopter

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Learning can be so much fun!

Our soaring Neato! Retro Balloon Helicopter is the coolest, whistlin' whirlybird in town! 

Inside this nifty kit, you'll find 2 balloons and a plastic propeller. Just attach a balloon to the propeller, give it a good huff 'n' puff, and watch the flight unfold. 

But here's the kicker – when that balloon deflates, it does it with style! It whistles like a secret agent on a mission, and that's when your helicopter takes off like it's headed to the moon (well, not quite, but you get the idea). 

This toy isn't just fun; it's a stealthy STEM superhero. It'll teach your child about physics, motion, and all things science-y. Plus, it's a fantastic way to kickstart their love affair with machines, flying, and engineering.

So, get ready to soar to new heights with our Neato! Retro Balloon Helicopter – the flying fun that'll blow your socks off (and your balloons up)!