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Paper Fortune-Teller Nifty Notes

by Unknown Vendor

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Way more travel-friendly than a bulky crystal ball, our cheeky Paper Fortune-Teller Notes make DIY divination even more fun and foolproof, with box checking ease. A major step up from your M.A.S.H. and magic 8 balls days, yeah? (pretending we don’t use both of those methods still)

  • Paper Fortune-Teller Notes
  • Tap your intuitive wisdom and channel your inner magic—simply by checking a box!
  • "You're getting this fortune because:" ▢ The Universe has a DM for you. ▢ You don't listen to actual advice. ▢ Fortunes are fun. ▢ You're a total cosmic babe. ▢ I'm super psychic. Or make up your own!
  • Dive right into the reading by checking off the appropriate boxes in the next section, "What's in the stars for your today:"
  • Aptly closing out the fortune with Today's Lucky Numbers and...The Oracle Has Spoken

A hilarious gift for the fortunate individual who also loves crystals, new age stuff and the occasional marathon of Ghost in My Child. This pad’s cosmic insight and uncanny predictive powers will delight friends, family, coworkers (and even you).

Third eye chakra purple. Includes 50 box-checking/fill-in-the-blank Paper Fortune-Teller Nifty Notes. Notepad measures 4 inches wide x 5.25 inches tall. Start your career as an oracle today!