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Passive Aggressive Nifty Notes

by Unknown Vendor

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Ditch the passive-aggressive Facebook post!

Take the more direct route with our aggressively funny Passive-Aggressive Nifty Notes. Get your point across with dagger-like precision rather than a thinly-veiled FB status, attacking someone who may or may not see it, and if they did would correctly assume you're talking about them. This passive-aggressive memo pad lets you clearly but (somewhat) subtly address a range of behavioral failures in others including poor attitude and lackluster hygiene.

  • Passive-Aggressive Nifty Notes
  • Great for communication between roommates and frenemies!
  • Dear: You might want to consider: ▢ Learning how to park your car ▢ Cleaning up after yourself ▢ Respecting other people's stuff ▢ Getting a life, and more!
  • Lately, I've noticed that you: (this is where you freestyle your venom pen)
  • And I would hate if it someone had to: ▢ Sulk ▢ Write another note ▢ Retaliate ▢ Call the cops , and more!
  • Sincerely, _____ or choose to remain ▢ Anonymous
  • Kiss and hugs!

A fun gift for those who are well versed with dancing around the subject, and prefer a combination of sweet and sour in their delivery.

Caution Cone Orange. 50 box-checking/fill-in-the-blank passive-aggressive notes. Memopad measures 4 inches wide x 5.25 inches tall. Ruin someone's day with our passive-aggressive nifty notes!