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Permission Slip Nifty Notes

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When you outgrow forging your parent's signature...

Have a blast writing yourself and others Permission Slips to do whatever y'all damn well, please.

Seriously tho. Grownups are expected to do it all! Go to work, pay bills, clean house, run errands–plus be a nice person. Ugh. It's exhausting. So what do they think we are, freaking robots?

  • Permission Slip Nifty Notes
  • Use this semi-official-ish form to give friends, family, and coworkers a well-deserved break already. Or just use it on yourself (that's legit too!)
  • You are hereby officially permitted to: ▢ Play hooky ▢ Eat the whole thing ▢ Speak your truth ▢ Have cereal for dinner; and more or get creative as you wanna be!
  • Because: ▢ You totally deserve it ▢ Adulting's hard ▢ Why not?
  • Then sign, date, and hand out.
  • Now that's an order!

Dripping with nostalgia, it's a fun throwback gift! Reminiscent of permission slips required by schools for field trips, doctors' appointments, skipping PE, or leaving early because Aunt Flow was coming to town.

One 50 sheet notepad. Our Permission Slip Nifty Notes is the perfect stocking stuffer size at approximately 4 inches wide x 5.25 inches