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Pooping Unicorn

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Do you know whose poop doesn't stink?

Our Magical Jellybean Pooping Unicorn, butt of course! This miraculous pint-sized dispenser of rainbow-colored sweets is a gift from the candy gods! Now, don't miss the boat on this one, like the legend of the last unicorn! You don't want to be left behind when in a flood of tears wishing you'd bought him before he disappeared for good!

  • Magical Jellybean Pooping Unicorn
  • Don't look this gift horse in the mouth - his magic comes from the other end.
  • Push down his rainbow tail, and he'll gladly return the favor by dropping some magical rainbow-colored pellets in your hand.
  • This quirky candy dispenser is a fun gift for unicorn and sweets lovers!

Once you've enjoyed the original poops delivered by this unicorn candy dispenser, you can unscrew its head and refill it with your own jelly beans and enjoy the excitement of candy excrement production over and over again.

Unicorn Candy Dispenser measures approximately 1.8 inches wide x 6.4 inches wide 7.4 inches tall. You're no rainbow-pooping unicorn, but this fella certainly is!