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Popcorn Scented Pen

by Snifty

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Because there's nothing butter than popcorn!😋🍿

Coming in hot... it's our Popcorn Scented Pen! A fresh + corny solution to the problem of wanting to eat your favorite snack, but not wanting to get its buttery goodness all over your paper. It's what's poppin'!

  • Popcorn Scented Pen
  • A unique, smelly roller-ball pen decorated with fresh-popped, high-flying kernels
  • Features a comfort-food scented rubber grip in a buttery-yellow
  • Black ink (ink is not scented)
  • Fragrance is non-toxic
  • A super fun gift for popcorn lovers and movie-goers!
  • Proudly made in the USA

The back of the card features fun facts about popcorn! Popcorn kernels can jump up to 3 feet in the air when popped! Did you know that in the 1800s popcorn was eaten as cereal with milk & sugar? And that popcorn can grow to 30 times its original size when it pops!?

Includes one buttered-popcorn scented pen, individually packaged on a funny, punny, bunny cardboard backing measuring approx 3.5 inches x 7 inches. Our Movie Popcorn Scented Pen has a comfortable popcorn-scented yellow rubber grip. Black non-fragrant ink. Made in the United States of America.