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Portal To The Cat Dimension And Other Nightmares Card

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I want to go there!

Step into a whimsical and eerie world with Steven Rhodes' greeting card, titled "Portal To The Cat Dimension And Other Nightmares." This card is perfect for fans of cats, unique, dark, and quirky art.

Upon first glance, the artwork captivates with its vintage-inspired aesthetic, reminiscent of the 1970's educational book covers. A curious child unwittingly opens a portal that reveals the "Cat Dimension."

With its blend of nostalgia and surrealism, this card is not just a greeting but a piece of art, telling a story that intrigues and amuses. Whether you're looking to share a laugh, send a unique birthday wish, or simply surprise a cat lady friend with a touch of the bizarre, "Portal To Cat Dimension And Other Nightmares" is bound to be a cherished.

Card measures 6 inches tall x 4 inches wide. 100% recycled brown kraft envelope included. Printed on paper responsibly sourced from a well-managed forest that is carefully sustained and will not have any lasting impacts on the environment. This product comes with plastic-free packaging.

Our Portal To The Cat Dimension And Other Nightmares Greeting Card was designed by the delightfully twisted mind of Steven Rhodes.