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Reggie! Nostalgic Candy Bar

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A Home Run for Your Tastebuds! 🍫⚾

Remember the sweet taste of victory from 1978? Well, it wasn’t just from the winning games but from those chunky Reggie Bars raining from the stands! Now, relive the magic (without throwing candy onto the field.)

Step up to the plate, folks, and get ready to swing for the sweet fences! Introducing (or for some, re-introducing) the legendary REGGIE! Bar. Discontinued in 1981 but too delish to remain in the dugout, this iconic treat has made a grand slam comeback!

Chock-full of chocolatey, peanut-y, caramel-y goodness, every bite is like a slide into home base. And remember, folks, it’s not just any bar... it’s a Reggie! Always a hit, never a miss.

So, whether you're going for that vintage vibe, love everything baseball or you're just here for a darn good candy bar, the REGGIE! Bar is always a hit. Step up and treat yourself. Batter up, and bon appétit!

One Reggie! Nostalgic Candy Bar. 2 oz.