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Shitty Kitty Funny Smells Incense Sticks

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Is kitty doo-ing more than thinking outside of the box? 🐈💩📦

Have you become accustomed to the crappy shituation of finding surprise turd nuggets on the carpet or in the bath? Then, it may be time to try therapy. Aroma-therapy! Our Shitty Kitty Incense Sticks will help you triage that unwanted gift with the welcoming, non-fecal scent of natural botanicals!

  • Shitty Kitty Fragrance Sticks
  • For when your cat is being an absolute turd.
  • One pack of 20 Fair Trade natural botanical fragrance sticks scented with clove, mint sage essential oils.
  • Made from sustainable bamboo. Each stick has a burn time of around 45 minutes, giving the pack a total burn time of approximately 15 hours.
  • The purrfect gift for cat lovers - it just makes scents!

20 Fair Trade incense sticks. Made in India. Fully biodegradable packaging designed and printed in the UK. Box measures approximately 10.8 inches long x 3 inches wide. The sticks are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free, and made from blended botanicals, including flowers, herbs, and resins, before being infused with aromatherapy oils.