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Good Vibes Only Rainbow Pencil Set

by Snifty

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I'm pickin' up good vibrations

Looking for a gift that radiates positivity? Our Good Vibes Only Pencil Set are positively on point for dispensing a healthy dose of high-grade energy. Are you picking up what we're throwing down?

Set of 5 sharpened pencils display rainbow and cloud designs with indispensable wisdom and good vibes. The metal ferules (you know, those metal connector thingy-ma-bobbys that attach the pencil to the eraser) are rainbow colored too! Each pencil design has one a different color of the rainbow that matches the design:

  • (pink) horizontal rainbow striped, top to bottom!
  • (orange) "focus on the good stuff"
  • (yellow) semi-circle rainbow arches
  • (green) "bad vibes don't go with my outfit" - text fades from black to rainbow
  • (blue) white cartoon clouds on blue sky
  • (purple) "good vibes only" surrounded by rainbow stripes

An awesome gift for teachers, students, and lovers of good vibes and well, stationary.

Made in the USA! One carded set of 5 sharpened #2 pencils in cellophane bag. Measures approximately 2.5 inches wide x 7.5 inches tall. Our Good Vibes Only Pencil Set size for a stocking stuffer, and make a terrific gift for stationary lovers.