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World’s Smallest South Park Micro Figures

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Style: Randy

I'm going down to South Park - Gonna have myself a time - Friendly faces everywhere - Humble folks without temptation!

Get ready to dive into the hilarious universe of the adult animated show, South Park, but this time, in a micro-tastic way! Unleashed in 1997, South Park has been rocking the charts as one of Comedy Central’s top-notch hits!

Hold onto your seats, because these micro wonders stand at a whopping 1.25 inches tall! Don't let their size fool you – these mini marvels are bursting with intricate details and incredible articulation. And guess what? Each of these pint-sized pals comes with a dinky collector case for flaunting and safekeeping, making it a double delight for display enthusiasts!

So, if you're on the lookout for a dash of South Park charm that fits in your palm, look no further. These World’s Smallest South Park Micro Figures are here to sprinkle some mini mayhem into your collection!