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Spit Shine Llama Duster Mitt

by Fred

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A fun solution for your dusty daily dillamas

Looking for a housewarming gift that's not llame? Our adorably clever Spit Shine Llama Duster Mitt is a wooly cool gift idea for those who like to clean or frankly don't give a spit what condition their house is when you come over! The latter will at least get a laugh put of it and this llama can double as a hand puppet!

Now if you're like us, you don't notice how dusty your house is until the sun hits just right! Make it no prob-llama at all with Fred’s Spit Shine! Your cleaning chores will become tons of fun with this super static-clingy microfiber dusting and polishing mitt!

This little fella is just tickled pink to help you clean up your space! Just look at those rosy cheeks! And with his dready microfiber fleece, you certainly won't dread having him along to help!

Machine washable. Microfiber.