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Tea Leaf Reading Cards

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✨Are crystals and astrology your cup of tea?✨

Then you'll drink up the magic waiting for you in our mystical Tea Leaf Reading Cards! Entertain your friends and family with your fortune-telling skills in no time! Learn all about the different zones of the teacup, common symbols, and their meanings to find out what your future is!

  • Tea Leaf Reading Card Deck
  • Learn to read your fortune in tea leaves! 🔮
  • This ancient method of divination has been used for centuries to tell the future and as a method of entertainment!
  • A fun gift for your crystal-toting, meditation-loving friends!
  • Made in the UK

Tea leaf reading (also known as tasseography) is the art of interpreting messages found in the shapes and configurations of the tea leaves. The art of tea leaf reading is thought to have naturally developed while gathering for tea time. As life is often discussed over a cup of tea, people began to realize they could see their discussions reflected in the tea leaves.

100 cards designed to teach the art of tea leaf reading. Box measures approximately 3.5 inches wide x 1.5 inches deep x 6 inches tall. We see gifting our Tea Leaf Reading Card Deck, in your future!