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The Elements Magnet Set with Complete Periodic Table

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Tired of your chemistry jokes not getting a reaction?

O Mg. Same here! Time to spell it out for them with our Periodic Table of Elements Magnet Set!

Based on the iconic images from Theodore Gray's bestselling book The Elements, this beautiful magnet set is the perfect way to add a bit of atomic flair at work and home. Spell out a fun message display and inspire some awe for all the elements that make up the world around you.

  • The Elements Magnet Set
  • Display and play with the building blocks of life!
  • 121 element magnets, each highlighting an essential piece of the periodic table.
  • Each magnet is approximately 1 square inch
  • 48-page book exploring the world's most important elements, Written by Theodore Grey, with full color-photography by Nick Mann.
  • Enjoy creating magnet-ficent wordplay on the fridge or bulletin board for fellow science nerds to enjoy!

A fun gift for professors, college students, pharmacists, forensic scientists, or significant others when your relationship begins to lack some much-needed chemistry.

You wanna hear a joke about nitrogen and oxygen? NO?

121 piece magnet set with mini-book. Gift box measures approximately 3 inches tall x 2 inches deep x 4 inches wide. Featuring the complete periodic table, our beautifully illustrated Elements Magnet will make science fun easily within reach.