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The Little Lantern

by Unknown Vendor

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What is this? A lantern for ants??

Step away from the kerosene, Zoolander fans, and allow us to shed some light on the situation. Our wicked cute Little Lantern is an intentionally miniature version of the classic style lantern.

It’s new!! But yet, it looks amazingly, authentically old. Everything old is new again right? And the iconic red vintage lantern has gotten a new pocket-sized lease on life. Every classic detail was thought of, and was made smaller,. And it's ripe for gift-giving looking all types of fly in its vintage-style Kraft packaging temporary home.

  • Authentic red antiqued finish
  • Realistic diffused light glow
  • Hangs or stands
  • Batteries included

A fun gift for those nostalgic for a time gone by. Or perhaps you're still a fan of The Littles and are secretly holding out hope that you'll one day find this friendly family of humanoid mice creatures living in your walls and you'll have the perfect welcome gift to give them on hand - they may accept you as one of them!

8.5 cm height x 4.5 cm width. Batteries included. Word on the street is that our also doubles as a pretty amazing Christmas Tree ornament.