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Tiny Violin: Soundtrack for Your Sob Story

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Drown out petty complaints with a small violin!

Have a friend with a case of the Mondays? Let the Tiny Violin serenade them! This musical set is the perfect way to get yourself (or a friend) out of their sob story slump.

Grab your bow and weep along to the sorrowful symphonies of a Tiny Violin - the perfect gift for yourself or the drama queen in your life! Whether you're feeling blue or it's someone else's turn to cry, this tiny replica with a mini bow and display stand has everything you need to score those sob stories. And don't forget the hilarious illustrated mini-book to add the finishing touch!

This gift includes everything you need to quell those crocodile tears:
  • Plays music: plays a sad tune when the strings button is pressed down
  • Violin replica: Includes a 3 4/5" replica of a real violin with mini bow and chinrest
  • Display stand: An elegant vinyl stand included to store and display your violin
  • Illustrated mini book: Includes a 32-page mini book about the origins of "tiniest violin"
Sure to make any frown turn upside down! Play a sorrowful tune when the strings are pressed down, and remind them to stay positive with Tiny Violin!