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Wacky Packages Mini Blind Box

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Gotta get them all!

The zany Wacky Packages Mini Blind Box is an outrageous and hilarious take on the products that fill(ed) our supermarkets and grocery stores! Inspired by the Topps stickers from back in the 1960's, they're now 3D miniature size parodies of consumer products.

Each blind package contains:

  • 5 Wacky Packages Minis
  • 1 mini Sticker
  • Check List

Originally created by Topps in 1967, Wacky Packages were amusing send-ups of the popular household products of the time. This hit series of parody stickers has stood the test of time and resulted in more than 30 sets over the following decades. An amazing roster of collaborative artists and humorists brought stunning art and biting satire to Wacky Packages, earning the brand a coveted place in pop-culture history.

The products being spoofed are all good ones. No kidding!

Since the are blind boxes we are unable to accept request or returns on opened sets. Collect and trade all 66 styles of old skool and new skool everyday products that fill our supermarkets and grocery stores! Be on the look out for 6 rare (glittery) chase items as well!

Each item varies in size, these Wacky Packages Mini are approximately 1 to 1.5 inches long each.