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Where The F*ck Are My Glasses Years Old Birthday Card

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They were right here a second ago...

Our hilarious Where Are My Glasses Years Old Birthday Card helps celebrate the remarkable achievement of reaching that golden age known as "Where Are My Glasses?" years old. Under the cat? In a coat pocket? At the bank? WHERE ARE YOUR GLASSES? And why is the top of our head the last place we look? (The glasses are always on top of our head. Unless they're not…)

We get to an age where we officially unlock the secret level of life where spectacles seem to have a magical ability to vanish into thin air, only to reappear on the one place you'd never suspect... your noggin! It's like your head has become the Grand Central Station for eyewear and those glasses just can't resist the allure of your fabulous cranium.

But fear not, for you're not alone in this perplexing quest. We've all experienced the mystical migration of our beloved eyepieces. Whether they're hiding beneath the couch, secretly cuddling with the cat or living it up in the fridge (hey, even glasses need some cool downtime), your frames are always ready for an adventure.
  • Front of card: Happy Birthday! Congratulations on turning "Where the fuck are my glasses, oh there were on my head the whole time" years old.
  • Inside of card: Blank for personal message
  • Includes kraft envelope
  • Eco-friendly vegetable inks
  • Heavy matte stock
  • Made in USA
So, here's to embracing newfound wisdom and celebrating the joy of life's little mysteries... like the perpetual puzzle of misplaced eyeglasses. Here's to many more years of stylish searches and delightful discoveries.

Measures 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches. Includes matching kraft envelope. Our witty Where Are My Glasses Years Old Birthday Card is offset printed in California with eco-friendly vegetable inks on heavyweight matte stock.