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Work Sucks Pen Set

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Not your ordinary office supplies!

Feeling like work is sucking the soul out of you? We've got your back with our hilarious 'Work Sucks Pen Set'! This rebellious set of 5 pens, all loaded with smooth black ink, will turn your daily grind into a comedy show.

Get ready to laugh your way through the week with these snarky sayings:

  • 'Never too early to start dreading Monday' - Because we all know that Sunday night feeling all too well.
  • 'I'm starting to feel sick tomorrow' - Ah, the classic pre-emptive sick day planning. We've all been there!
  • 'This meeting could have been an email' - Who needs another pointless meeting? Save time and sanity!
  • 'Same thing, different day' - When every day starts to feel like a Groundhog Day sequel.
  • 'Personally victimized by my daily alarm clock' - It's like it has a personal vendetta against your precious sleep.

Crafted for comfort and durability, these pens will be your trusty sidekicks through the trials and tribulations of the workweek. Whether you're signing documents, taking notes in a boring meeting, or just doodling your frustrations away, our 'Work Sucks Pen Set' will keep you entertained and uplifted.

So why settle for boring pens when you can have these cheeky companions? Embrace the humor, defy the mundane, and bring some much-needed laughter into your work life. Grab your 'Work Sucks Pen Set' today and let the good times roll!"

They make a great gift for your co-worker!