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World's Smallest Nee Doh

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The Groovy Glob!

Your Ultimate stress ball and fidget toy... the World's Smallest Nee Doh! A miniature wonder as a Zen-inducing, stress-vanquishing superhero! Skillfully designed to satiate those fidgety whims while orchestrating a symphony of serene focus, this pocket-sized powerhouse is your golden ticket to unwinding.

  • Yes, it's real: real stress relief, real fun! Give it a tweak, a touch, a squash, or a squeeze - let the experience wash over you, caress your senses, and introduce a new groove into your life.

  • On-the-go bliss: your pocket-sized peace pal! Carry tranquility in your pocket, wherever life takes you.

Looking for a unique and exciting gift? Nee Doh has you covered! Whether you're shopping for kids, teens, or adults, Nee Doh's captivating charm knows no bounds.

The World's Smallest Nee Doh, by Super Impulse, measures approximately 1.25 inches in diameter. One. Random color.