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WTF Nifty Notes

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Un-f*cking-believably fun

The next time you encounter a f*cked up situation that leaves your jaw on the floor and at a rare loss for words, grab our trusty WTF Nifty Notes, and it will guide the way!

Therapeutic as f*ck, these cheeky notes will help get you clearly get your jumbled thoughts down on paper, with a simple check of a box or 20. Add some humor to an unbelievable situation seriously fun!

You'll almost look forward to situations where you can whip out your trusty WTF Nifty Note Pad! A small smattering of scenarios to choose from:

  • WTF…
  • ▢ Did you say? ▢ Were you thinking? ▢ Is wrong with you? ▢ Did you think would happen?
  • Source of bewilderment: ___(freestyle complaint)_____
  • Can you help me out here and: ▢ Explain ▢ Stop it ▢ Call the cops
  • ▢ FYI ▢ FML ▢ OMG ▢ LOL

Go on, and give a fuck! It's a clever gift that keeps giving.. expressions of befuddlement to workers, moms, dads, boyfriends, girlfriends, neighbors, roomates, or strangers! Place them on computer monitors, doors, windshields, backpockets and more!

Whine colored. 50 box-checking/fill-in-the-blank WTF citations. Notepad measures 4 inches wide x 5.25 inches tall. Tongue-tied? Our WTF Nifty Notes will say it all with the check of a box!