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Blue Q Hangry Handy Lunch Tote

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If you don't watch out, somebody might get hurt.  That's right, I'm looking at you Veggie Burrito!

If you're looking to own a lunch bag that screams equal parts cute and "get the heck out of my way, I need to eat!" we've got just the one for you!

Our Hangry Handy Tote features a fork + knife wielding big bad wolf that's going to huff and puff, and swallow your lunch down!

It's tote'lly fun and can function as a lunch bag, a little carryall or even a reusable gift bag!  With a delicate interior pattern, it begs those to look past your tough exterior to find the big ole full-belly softy within!

Made of 95% recycled material, woven polypropylene.  Measures approximately 10 inches tall x 8.5 inches wide x 4.5" deep.  A fun gift for lunch eaters and tote users of all shapes and sizes.