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Existential Kitty Catnip Cat Toy

by Blue Q

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This kitty is unraveling quicker than a ball of yarn 🧶🙀

Beware. Our quark-y Existential Kitty Catnip Cat Toy may leave your cat questioning more than just your choice of cat food, boyfriends, and upholstery. Don't worry. They'll be feline fine before you know it. This premium catnip high will wear off soon enough and they'll go back to mindlessly attacking your ankles as you cautiously attempt the staircase.


  • Existential Kitty Catnip Cat Toy
  • For the budding existentialism philoso-purr.
  • Front artwork features a black kitty staring at himself in the mirror, questioning his killer instinct.
  • Back reads Existential Kitty in red font, on a black background surrounded with stars, atoms, planets, and other science'y stuff that makes you go hmmm.
  • The purrrfect Nietzsche gift for the deep thought having kitty, yarning for the true meaning of life.

Black, white, blue, and red. Artwork by Katie Benn of Blue Q. 100% cotton pouch filled with organic leaf-cut (fancy) catnip that is grown in the USA. Measures approximately 3.25 inches tall x 3.25 inches wide. A mind-bending gift for your mini Albert Felinestein.