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I Think Your Cat Is High Catnip Cat Toy

by Blue Q

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I think I'm a seal now. I'm a seal now. 🦭

Let's face it - if Tom were high on catnip, there wouldn't have been much of a cartoon. He and Jerry would have just laying around having a lot of existential thoughts and ponderings. Not saying we wouldn't have watched it... but I think you catch our drift.

  • I Think Your Cat Is High Catnip Cat Toy
  • Hilariously illustrated cotton pouch stuffed with 6 grams of the finest USA grown organic catnip meowny can by.
  • Front features a cat tripping out thinking it's turned into a seal, with a mouse
  • Back features a mouse in the foreground whispering "I think your cat is high..." with the oblivious seal kitty in the background.
  • The purrfect gift for cat owners! It promotes healthy play, exercise and big laughs.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Blue Q employs a workforce of individuals with and without disabilities working together to assemble this product? Awesome.

Blue and yellow hues. 100% cotton pouch filled with organic leaf-cut (fancy) catnip that is grown in the USA. Measures approximately 3.25 inches tall x 3.25 inches wide. A hilarious gift for your precious seal baby.