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Grammar Police Guessing Card Game

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There, their, they're

You have the right to remain silent unless you know your grammar. In which case you'll probably have plenty to say while playing our Grammar Police Guessing Card Game!

Literally (or figuratively?) annoy the hell out of your opponents by correctly guessing all the grammatical and/or spelling mistakes. Be careful, though, as the English language is a cruel mistress. You will experience epic levels of frustration when you can't find the last mistake.

  • Commonly found texts are displayed for you to identify the grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Get into teams - preferably with your biggest grammar geeks and nerds - and become your grammar teacher from school.

Frequently lose your cool while reading grammatically incorrect comments on social media? Feeling unappreciated by your tireless efforts to correct fellow citizens usage of the English Language? This game will be like a release valve for your simmering soul.

Frequently harassed by the Grammar Police - the troop of unwanted comment wielding fun sponges of the internet? This may not be the game for you.

Includes 56 cards. Pack measures approximately 5 x 3 x 1 inches. Ages 12 and up. Players 4+. Our Grammar Police Guessing Card Game is a fun educational gift!