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Mini Plant Life Support

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A lifeline for your plant. 🪴💧⚕️

Piece of mind is the root of all happiness - so why leave the responsibility of keeping your plants alive, in the hands of a well-intentioned, yet potentially murderous friend? Keep your friendship intact, and your plants in good health with our Mini Plant Life Support ™ system! It's the perfect gift for plant lovers and weekend warriors!

Designed to look like a miniature medical IV drip bag, this plant self-waterer is the tiny version of our IV Plant Life Support Drip and is the perfect size for cacti & succulents!

  • Mini Plant Life Support
  • Simple to assemble! Includes "Directions for Use" directly on the H20 bag:
  • Fill up the bag & connect the flow regulator.
  • Hang the bag on the nook provided & push the end of the tube into the soil.
  • Open the dial until water starts to flow.
  • Close the dial tightening it all the way.
  • Twist the flow regulator dial anti-clockwise by 45 degrees to set the flow rate.

An awesome gift for medical workers, who prefer not to come home to lifeless plants after a long shift. A hilarious sight gag for doctor's offices, or gardeners' homes with a terrific sense of humor.

Each Plant Life Support contains x1 100ml/3.39 fl. oz. IV bag, x1 metal peg, x1 valve, x1 dripper. Packaging is made from 100% recycled paper. Our Mini Plant Life Support Drip is an easy and comical way to take care of your indoor house or office plants!