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Baths 'R' Gross Soap

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I won't sit is a gross body soup!

Dive into a shower sensation that'll leave baths quaking with envy! Baths 'R' Gross Soap is here to redefine clean with a hilarious twist. Who needs a tub of lukewarm mystery water when you can enjoy the rejuvenating blast of a shower?

Crafted with humor and love, Baths 'R' Gross Soap promises not only cleanliness but also a daily dose of chuckles. Lather up with our soap and enjoy an invigorating cleanse, without the floating yuckiness baths sometimes surprise you with. Perfect for those who love a clean joke as much as a clean body.

Remember: baths might be gross, but with Baths 'R' Gross Soap, you’ll never be! Get yours and add a splash of fun to your daily rinse.

Net weigh 3 oz