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Ringmaster Of The Shitshow Socks

by Blue Q

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Hear ye! Hear ye!

Our Ringmaster Of The Shitshow Socks are an open invite to witness, front row, the fiasco known as the amazing... the incredible... The Most Dysfunctional Family in the World! What's that? You don't want tickets? You wish you were adopted? Well, too bad, so sad! You're going to sit down, eat your dinner and enjoy it. There's no escape.

Sometimes the Ringmaster doesn't get the credit she deserves. Sometimes the attention goes to all the stuff that's going on around her - the leaping, the lying (yes, if you think I'm referring to you... I am!), the twirling, the fire-breathing, that kind of stuff. But not today... not today.

Our Ringmaster of the Shitshow Socks are of course not limited to just circus-like families! Oh no! We respect your unique situation and applaud you for bestowing this lovely gift upon others as you see fit.

Fits women's shoe size 5-10. Made with 63% soft luxurious combed cotton, 33% nylon for strength and 2% spandex for long lasting fun. Our Ringmaster of the Shitshow Socks are just the flash or hilarity you need to accentuate your wardrobe.