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Caesar Salad Candy Canes

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Ho-Ho-Hold up! Don't skip your greens this holiday season! 🎅🥗

Caesar Salad Candy Canes? Yes, really. Now, you make be asking yourself "for the love of all that's guac-a-holy, WHY?' Lettuce explain... actually, evermind. We had a salad joke but tossed it. Rather than ad-dressing your question, we'll just scoot on down here to the crunchy details.

  • Caesar Salad Candy Canes
  • Set of six light and dark green striped candy canes
  • A little creamy, a little lettuce-y, and a tiny bit anchovy.
  • Don’t ask why... just romaine calm and try it!
  • Santa will eat it grudgingly - or sneak feed them to the reindeer
  • Yum! Salad candy! A fun gag gift or the white elephant exchange!

Set of 6 Caesar salad flavored, dark and light green striped candy canes. Each individually shrink-wrapped cane measures approximately 5.25 inches tall. The shrink-wrapped, illustrated box is decorated with an anthropomorphic salad and a disturbing smile. A fun + weird gag gift for salad lovers!