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A Candle For Grammar Police

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Smells annoying.

Ever wondered how the tantalizing scent of satisfaction smells? The kind you feel after you finally master "your" from "you're"? Dive into our Grammar Police Candle, a beacon for linguistic lovers, and the scent of smugness.


  • Signature Scent: Jelly Doughnut (because nothing says "I've got a keen eye for errors" like a doughnut with a surprise center).
  • Net Weight: Approximately 10 oz of grammatically accurate delight.
  • Burn Time: An impressive 60 hours. That's approximately 3,600 minutes of reminding yourself that you, indeed, are a smarty pants.

Smells like your annoying:

  • Top Note: Freshly picked raspberries from the orchard of the overachievers.
  • Heart Note: Sugar cookie wafting from the oven of the pedantic.
  • Base Note: A slight hint of annoying satisfaction that lingers in the air, just like that time you corrected someone's text.

So light up your Grammar Police Candle, revel in your hard-earned grammar superiority, and let its rich aroma drift through the air. But remember, while your nose may be upturned, it's time to keep those grammar corrections to yourself. 😉 Everyone's on their own journey, and we're just here for the deliciously annoying fragrant fun! 🕯️