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A Candle For The Fun Uncle

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Your FUNCLE's Essence In A Wick!

Ever walked into a room and thought, "Ah, the undeniable scent of fun uncles crushing beer cans after a classic floor wrestling match?" Say no more, we've captured it in our Cool Uncle Candle! Dive into a world where laughter is infectious, unexpected roughhousing is the norm, and yes, sometimes you'll need that first aid kit. Oops!

The hairy details:

  • Fragrance : Smells like crushing beer cans and floor wrestling (which is actually blood orange, pine, sandalwood, and violet combined... who knew?!
  • Net Weight: A hefty 10 oz of nostalgia and chuckles.
  • Burn time: Enjoy 60 hours reminiscing about that cool uncle who's a bit weird, incredibly hilarious, and never ever missed out on a fun time (even if it meant one too many beers).

Is your uncle the life of the family gathering? The one who, despite his childlike antics, always makes time for you? If he's a fun uncle who loves his beer, probably has a few crazy stories up his sleeve, and maybe, just maybe, never really "grew up," this candle's for him!

Perfect for gifting or to just light up and grin thinking of those quirky, unforgettable moments. Here's to the Cool Uncles of the world...we wouldn't have it any other way!