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A Candle For Thoughts And Prayers

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Have you ever scrolled through your feed, seen countless "thoughts and prayers" comments and thought, "There's gotta be something more tangible than this"? Well, now there is! Our Thoughts and Prayers Candle!

It's the perfect balance between "I'm here for you" and "I'm just here." 😉

Sincere specifications:

  • Fragrance: Smells like bless your heart. Because we all know this is full of it... oh and Indian Sandalwood with Sassy Plumeria.
  • Net Weight: A substantial 10 oz, just like the weight of your semi-sincere sentiments.
  • Burn time: 60 hours, which is probably longer than most online sympathies last.
So, the next time someone offers their virtual "thoughts and prayers", light this baby up, bask in its "bless your heart" glow, and smile knowing that at least your room smells delightful! Because sometimes, the most genuine sentiments are wrapped in scented irony.