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Dante's Inferno Candy Canes

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Mildly spicy fire and brimstone

Our Dante's Inferno Candy Canes are the mildly spicy product of a pretty bad version of Hades that Dante never imagined!

Inspired by Dante Alighieri's legendary journey through the nine circles of Hell, our Dante's Inferno Candy Canes take you on a flavor expedition that's devilishly delicious.

  • Dante's Inferno Candy Canes
  • Sweet candy canes with a hint of demonic spice.
  • With their red and white stripes, you’ll be able to slip them in with all the other normal peppermint candy canes for a surprise, you little devil you.

Note: Dante's Inferno Candy Canes are intended for novelty and entertainment purposes. We don't actually think hell is fun, nor do we endorse demonic activities. Enjoy responsibly!

Set of 6 mildly spicy flavored individually shrink-wrapped candy canes. Each cane measures approximately 5.25 inches tall. A fun + unexpected gag gift for people that can kind of take a joke.