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DJ Stovetop Oven Mitt

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Mixin' things up in the kitchen, like wha? 🎛️🎶

For the music lovin' foodie, who enjoys making thing from scratch - our funky-fresh DJ Stovetop Oven Mitt is the perfect gift to throw in the mix! They'll happily showcase their talents, by hanging this awesome accessory in plain view, even after the kitchen and clubs have closed for the night.

  • DJ Stovetop Oven Mitt
  • Screen-printed in rich, vibrant colors, with a loaded jazzy blue stovetop on the front and a bold orange horizon of pots and pans with somethin' delicious cookin' on the back.
  • Inside has extra-quilted insulation, so hands stay cool, even when your dishes are comin' in hot!
  • 100% cotton comfy, natural-fitting shape, for the grandmaster flash-fryer.

Super-insulated kitten measures approximately 12.5 inches long x 7.5 inches wide. Machine wash cold with like colors. No bleach. Tumble dry low or line dry. As far as awesome gifts go, this one will not leave you hanging out to dry!