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Fart Citation Pad

by Unknown Vendor

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They're not going to get away with it this time!

Our hilarious Fart Sticky Citation Pad is here to humorously and numerously assign blame to those who actually dealt it! Possibly created by the scapegoat err... scape-dog that was tired of being blamed, you'll enjoy issuing semi-official-ish citations for offenses ranging from squeezing the breeze to cutting the cheese.

  • Fart Citation Sticky Note Pad
  • Do your part to enforce clean-air standards, not to mention good manners
  • “You are hereby cited for the following toxic emission(s) and endangerment of public health:”
  • Check all that apply! ▢ Farting in the car ▢ Dutch oven ▢ Coughing to mask a fart ▢ Crop dusting in store, and much much more!
  • Includes a Comment section, and admission emission of guilt “I do hereby certify that citation recipient committed above expulsions of internal combustion, demonstrating flagrant disregard for societal norms, common courtesy, personal pride, and the ozone layer.”

Get down on their level (if you dare!) with this potty humor loving gift. It’s the perfect present for dad on Farter’s Day Father’s Day! Dad will love to pass gas while simultaneously blaming others as he hands out citations. It's the ultimate Dad Joke prop.

Gassy green. Includes 60 self-adhesive fill-in-the-blank Fart Citations. Measures 4 inches wide x 6.5 inches tall. Time to serve some onion soup and break out our Fart Sticky Citation Pad for fun times!