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Grumpy Old Man Men's Socks

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Got a grumpy old man?

Like we needed to be told you're grumpy! Your complaining is funny but neverending! Grumpy runs in my family... how about yours? Dad loves being a grumpy old guy -enjoying the finer things in life like not caring what people think about what you say, what you do, what you wear. Like for example, feeling justified complaining when he doesn't automatically get his senior discount on his coffee at McDonalds! The stories are endless, but always amusing and cherished! Getting older and grumpy is a badge of honor that you can swing around and hit people with anytime, anywhere, for any reason!

  • Hey kid get off my lawn!

  • People don't know how to drive!

  • Your mother won't get off my ass!

  • Juan Williams should be fired!

Hurry up and get a few pairs before I get them all for my dad!

Fits men's shoe size 7-12. Includes one pair of men's socks. Made of 50% soft luxurious combed cotton; 48% nylon; 2% spandex. A great gift for dads, brothers, husbands, uncles or yourself! Our Grumpy Old Man Men's Socks are perfect for your old man!