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Office Citation Nifty Notes

by Unknown Vendor

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For the co-worker who clips their toenails at their desk...

Our Office Citation Nifty Notes are coming for you. (And yes, this is an actual situation we were forced to confront) Someone’s got to put those annoying coworkers in their place, and that someone is you. Whether they’re guilty of improper kitchen care, absentminded humming, or disregarding your personal space, their manners need to be rightsized.

  • Office Citation Nifty Notes
  • Acting with civility in the office isn't easy, but you seem to be struggling more than most. Cubicle courtesy, which you consistnely neglect, is essential to office synergy, lateral movement, and corporate productivity. Whatever those things are.
  • A small sampling of offensives you can choose from:
  • ▢ Reply-all abuse ▢ Gum smaking ▢ Eating tuna ▢ Being a loud talker ▢ (anything you damn well please)

Time to take one for the team and show ’em who’s boss! Co-workers will have a riot policing the office with this hilarious white elephant gift!

50 box-checking/fill-in-the-blank office co-worker complaint citations. Memopad measures 4 inches wide x 5.25 inches tall. Our Office Citation Nifty Notes are perhaps the most productive work gift ever. Modern-day etiquette for the masses!