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World's Smallest Super Soaker

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Squirts up to 25 feet!

Yes, the World's Smallest Super Soaker actually works! Not even 4 inches long, it holds enough water to shoot off a dozen shots with distances up to 25 feet away! Great for the office, car or even as a sidearm in a water gun fight.

If you were growing up in the early 90's, then you know that EVERYONE in the neighborhood had a Super Soaker. The Super Soaker was revolutionary and redefined water gun battles. Gone were the days of two squirts and then needing a refill. If you didn't have a Super Soaker, you were just completely outmatched.

  • Authentic Super Soaker
  • Approx 12 shots per fill
  • Small and stealthy
  • Squirts up to 25 feet

Measures less than 4 inches long. Shoots up to 25 feet away and loads approx 12 shots per fill.

Two classic models, we'll pick one for you! Great for Super Soaker fanatics, water pranks and all out fun!