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Rambling, Late-Night Text From Your Cat Catnip Cat Toy

by Blue Q

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They may regret this in the morning... 📱😻

We've all been there... at least once. The urge to purge your feelings in a late night text can be as irresistible as a cat needing to cough up a hairball. While they may act aloof in the morning, at least you know their true feelings. And under that tough, chonky, extra-floofy exterior resides a real softy.

  • Rambling, Late-Night Text From Your Cat Catnip Cat Toy
  • An organic cotton pouch screen-printed with a heartfelt catnip induced text message from your kitty.
  • Contains 6 grams of USA grown organic catnip, of the fancy leaf-cut variety
  • It's the text we all want and deserve.
  • An awesome gift for cat mamas and papas

Front reads:

- Hi. It's Me. The Cat.
- I just wanna say that I really appreciate everything you do for me. I know I don't act like it. I know I act like I only care about food and, like, doing my thing, but you know, I see you.
- And it's been really cool hanging out lately. We have this thing, you know? You don't just find that every day. I know that.

Back reads:

- I feel like we just get each other. like we could talk or not talk for hours and hours on end. Not many people have that. What we have is so, so special. You just get me.
- You're my person.
- I'm your cat.

Written in black and white. 100% cotton pouch filled with organic leaf-cut (fancy) catnip that is grown in the USA. Measures approximately 3.25 inches tall x 3.25 inches wide.