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Static Clean Retro TV Sponge Holder

by Fred

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When static is useful!

Our Static Clean Retro TV Sponge Holder is an homage to the days when TV only got three channels and one of them was always static!

The good ole days when the only remote control y ou had at your disposal was forcing your younger sibling to walk up to the television set to turn the channel, and forget HD... reception was a delicate art of fine tuning the (likely damaged) bunny ears and applying just the right about of tinfoil as to get the picture that much clearer... all the while crossing your fingers and slowing backing away to your spot on the floor next to your dad's Lazy Boy before you had to get back up to fix it again.

A throwback to when the boob tube was squeaky, and Johnny Carson and the Osmonds ruled nighttime television. This retro TV sponge holder features a silvery "static screen" scouring sponge. This clever design features a TV-shaped sponge holder with an easy-drain bottom and mounts to any smooth surface with two included suction cups. Now every day is a soap opera! Includes 2 polyester, non-scratching, dishwasher-safe sponges.

It's a fun gift for TV buffs, Hostesses with the Mostesses, and those still getting over their original viewing of Poltergeist. Isn't that right Carol Ann?

One retro TV shaped ABS plastic sponge caddy and two silver-tone sponges that resemble static. They're heeeeereeee. Measures approximately 2.2 inches wide x 4 inches tall x 5.5 inches long. Made of plastic and polyester. Our Static Clean Retro TV Sponge Holder mounts on any smooth surface.