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I Hate You Just Kidding Gum

by Blue Q

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Do you think I'm kidding?

Yeah, yeah... wasting time hating someone is like poisoning yourself and expecting the other person to die... or something insightful like that.

This could be fun gum to give your friend if you guys share an inside joke or if you guys just have that fun kind of weird joking relationship. But... if you can't pull off this kind of humor, that's straight up scary sh*t.

  • How should I take this message?

  • Are they being sarcastic?

  • Is the joke that they really do hate me?

So just be careful who you gift this to. You may not be as funny and sarcastic as you think you are! BTW - being mean is not cool.

8 pieces. Refreshing fruit flavor. Each dainty pack of gum measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches tall.