4th Of July Weekend Sale!

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I'm Offline - Shhh! Earplugs


What noise does a waterfall make? Shhhhhhhh. Our cheeky I'm Offline - Shhh! Earplugs are the perfect gift for someone who really needs a break form all of the chitter-chatter before they...

Aviator inSPECtors Magnetic Readers


You know that freakishly small text on labels? Tell em to stick it. Our high-flying Aviator inSPECtors - Magnetic Label Readers will help you make the most out of your wtf-happened to my vision. If...

Children's Reading Timer


Awww, man! Just one more book, please, pleeeeaaaasssseeeee. Featuring a superhero duality of character our Children's Book Shaped Reading Timer is equally suitable for the combative ‘UGH...

The Little Lantern


What is this? A lantern for ants?? Step away from the kerosene, Zoolander fans, and allow us to shed some light on the situation.  Our wicked cute Little Lantern is an...

Book Fan for Book Fans


Are you a fan of books? Well they're a fan of yours! Forgive us for being so foreward... but we think our Book Fan for Book Fans is literally the best thing since sliced bread the printing...

Cat Eye inSPECtors Magnetic Readers


So your eyesight's gone to hell, oh well. Make a spectacle out of it! Our cheeky Cat Eye inSPECtors - Magnetic Label Readers will stylishly let the cat out of the bag about your vision going...