Kitchen Gadgets

What's cooking good looking?  Oh, just our ridiculously fun selection of kitchen novelty items!  If you're on the quest to find the perfect gift for someone who loves to play with their food, as much as they like to eat it then you're in the right place.... Food Fight!

Tortilla Clips Bag Clips


Don't be a dip, grab a clip for your chips! Keep your chips safe and fresh with our visually puntastic Tortilla Clips Bag Clips! Let the chips fall where they may? No way pendejo! When the chips are down, don't come around looking for...

Potato Clips Bag Clips


They're all that and a bag of chips!* The ultimate gift for chip-sters, our Potato Clips Bag Clips will keep your snacks fun and fresh with the authentic appearance of an actual potato chip! A visual pun for the humor impaired. We're about to Lays it...

Purebreads Kitty Cat Bread Cutter


Avo-cat-o on toast anyone?​​ See interwebs?  There's more than one way to get a cat's face in a piece of bread! Our Purebreads Cat Bread Cutters make super cute sealed sandwiches — just punch out the crust, stamp and seal the edges for...