Kitchen Gadgets

What's cooking good looking?  Oh, just our ridiculously fun selection of kitchen novelty items!  If you're on the quest to find the perfect gift for someone who loves to play with their food, as much as they like to eat it then you're in the right place.... Food Fight!

Roach Clips Bag Clips


Our Fred Roach Clips Bag Clips are brand shrieking new for Fall 2018! Eerily realistic these all-purpose spring-loaded bag clips are cleverly designed to look like cockroaches, and will make you jump! They're a fun + unique housewarming (or dorm...

Color Morphing Rainbow Stainless Steel Straw Set


A fab gift for your favorite sucker! Our eye-catching Reusable Rainbow Stainless Steel Straws Set is the shiny happy duo you've been missing from your fabulously eco-friendly life! Iridescent rainbow colors Color morphing appearance with...

Purebreads Kitty Cat Bread Cutter


Avo-cat-o on toast anyone?​​ See interwebs?  There's more than one way to get a cat's face in a piece of bread! Our Purebreads Cat Bread Cutters make super cute sealed sandwiches — just punch out the crust, stamp and seal the edges for...

Spam Can Decoy Secret Safe


No One Will Touch This! Trust us... not many are a fan of spam, electronic or otherwise.  (Even if the entire state of Hawaii tries to convince you.)  Once you leave paradise and find yourself land locked, it tastes like the block of...