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Naut-Sew-Traditional Tattoo Art Face Mask


What's naut to love?

Proudly display your slightly-twisted and nauti side with our Naut-Sew-Typical Tattoo Art Face Mask! Featuring a wild array of fun, vintage flash-tattoo inspired art. 

You're not cut from the same cloth as anyone else, so why some generic mask??  Speaking of being cut  from the same cloth - this charming fabric features a wild array of fun images, which couldn't possibly fit all on one mask! Each is as unique as you... What will yours feature? 

A weight-lifting merman, scuba diving octopus, Patches the pirate cat, Fifi a pirate parrot, (whoa, is that a half eaten mermaid?), a pair of swallow birds donned in sailor hats, ouchie daggers, nauti anchors, four-leaf clovers, butterflies, harpooned hearts, and/or a classic heart with a "Your Name Here" banner? It's up to Poseidon to decide! 

  • Handmade in the USA from 3 layers of fabric
  • Two outer pieces with print and color are 100% cotton
  • Fun, cute, cheeky, and unique flash tattoo designs on navy blue; complimentary nautical orange interior
  • Hidden 3rd layer is a non-woven polyester which acts as a built-in filter
  • A fun gift for the mermaid, pirate, wench of sea creature in your life!

Machine gentle or hand-wash cold. Proudly made in the USA! Measures approximately 8 inches across by 4.5 inches tall. A generous 7 inches of white quality elastic on each side of the mask makes for a super comfortable fit. Our Naut-Sew-Typical Tattoo Art Face Mask is quite the treasure!

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