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Hellraiser Oven Mitt

by Blue Q

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Mischief Maker and Shake 'n Baker

Just like our sweet and innocent Hellraiser Oven Mitt your meals may look all wholesome and homemade, but you know the truth. You're the kind of brassy babe who would buy a frozen lasagna, heat it up in a nice pan, and call it a Dish to Pass. And we love that about you.

On the outside, you'll enjoy a panoramic scene with a vintage-inspired illustration of a sweet girl riding her bike. Oh her? Nah... she's not running away from a microwave fire. She's just heading out for a day of complete world domination and then she's going to pedal her way home for a nice hot bath and a big glass of white wine and leftovers. Because hellraisers need time to decompress, too!

On the inside of the mitten, your hand will stay as comfortable as a snuggling kitten with the extra-quilted insulation.

A fun gift for the non-conforming domestic goddess! Featuring an all-cotton, comfy, natural-fitting shape.

Grey and Yellow. Screen-printed in rich colors. Mitten measures approximately 12.5 inches long x 7.5 inches wide. Our Hellraiser Oven Mitt is a perfect fit for the rebellious cook.