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Sh*tting Rainbows Kind Of Day Socks

by Blue Q

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Holy crapola! Today is THE BEST!

Our Shitting Rainbows Kind of Day Socks is just the pair to pull out of your sock drawer when you're so freakin happy that you could shit rainbows!

Maybe you woke up thinking it was Friday but it's really Saturday! Or maybe you realized that tonight you get to see your favorite band play live. Your honey surprised you with cupcakes in bed for breakfast while blasting your favorite song with a boombox over their head!

These, supremely special, rainbow-plastered socks are reserved for when your optimism is so extreme it would take a bulldozer to knock the smile off of your face!

Women's shoe size 5-10. 54% combed cotton; 44% nylon; 2% spandex. A fun gift or stocking stuffer, our Shitting Rainbows Kind of Day Socks are pure magic.