Narwhal Sneeze Lollipop

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What's blue and green and sparkly all over? Our Narwhal Sneeze Lollipop by Melville Candy!

This particular pop was embedded with glittery ocean blue and phlegm green sanding sugar then hand-poured on to a wooden popsicle stick. To add another layer of delicious gross-out fun, it's smattered with snot-colored candy confetti! Talk about magically delicious!

The packaging features a chubby blue narwhal with a rainbow swirl horn, that must be allergic to its own cuteness, based on the velocity of its rainbow-colored gush of sneeze juice.

Now, of course, it's individually wrapped so as to not get germs on your mythically germy lolly! Now, lucky for your our narwhal sneezes are apparently fruit punch flavored! Are you still looking for a gift to give your narwhal obsessed pal? Don't be a Dum Dum! It's staring at you right in the face!

If you know anyone that thinks this is snot funny, then time to throw them back in the ocean and start fishing for a more whimsical friend that appreciate your excellent taste in lollipops and humor!

Ocean blue and phlegm green swirled together then dusted the sanding sugar and snot colored funfetti candy sprinkles. Fruit Punch Flavored. One hand-poured lollipop; slight variations will occur. Individually wrapped. Allergens: Soy Each lollipop weighs 1.5 oz. Measures approximately 2 inches wide x 7 inches tall x .5 inch deep. Part of the Gross Out Assortment created by Melville Candy our Narwhal Sneeze Lollipop is Made Fresh in the USA!


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