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Planet Plates

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Out-of-this-world plates!

Get ready to serve up some universal fun with our Planet Plates! Imagine hosting a party that's literally out of this world. These set of eight lightweight melamine plates are your ticket to a stellar dining experience. 

Perfect for everything from moon pies to Martian marshmallows, these 8-inch plates are just the right size for snacks, desserts, or even a mini UFO (Unidentified Flying Omelette)! They're dishwasher safe, so no need for a spacewalk to clean them.

  • Each plate is a vivid watercolor masterpiece, showcasing a different planet from our solar system. Sorry Pluto, you didn't make the cut this time! 🪐
  • • 8" in diameter, • 100% melamine and dishwasher safe!

Whether you're throwing a cosmic cocktail party or having a quiet snack under the stars, these plates are sure to bring a galaxy of smiles. Just remember, don't put them in the microwave unless you want to test their alien technology! 🛸

So, grab a set of Planet Plates and let your meals take a journey across the solar system. Bon Voyage and Bon Appétit!